Sometimes something in first view appears simple and good,but when you enter to it and see it from internal view,you will understand that you were in wrong! I never forgot 7P approach:
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
but i always have a problem in implementation of this approach for real world projects!
For Example,4 month ago i had a proposal for working on CSICC Conference management System.I made a decision about it ,with just one day thinking!in second day i started designing of a CMS for managing the conference.Program Chair of  conference said me that,it’s not necessary to invent a wheel,we want to customize an open source project to provide our requirements, I thought that it’s so easy for me to do this work instead of starting from zero point! after a while i found out this result:it’s not true for all conditions to not invent a wheel,
sometimes creating a project from scratch seems better than customizing an old project for your needs!
when i accept a job,i haven’t any right to break it down!
every starting point,should have a finishing point!i can,so i do!
now that i have finished 70% of work,i am so glad,because it was a good experience for me.
I knew some of my teachers, from viewpoint of a employee not a simple student!it was great!
you can see our conference website and submit your papers,i hope that your papers will be accepted 😉


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