AJAX-MVC Design Pattern

Today,I finished my first official AJAX project.It was a CMS for Shaheed Beheshti Skin Reserach center.for my first experience with old knowlege,i think that it was good. As you know,Today,MVC design pattern:Model View Controller is the common approach for designing a web project and many frameworks  have been published for implementing this pattern(for example:ZEND framework,CakePHP and …). RUBY ON RAILS as a greatest framework in this context,shows spread and good performance of this design pattern on the web.AJAX is another issue that attracts web programmers to use it.It’s said that AJAX is a revolution for current web! If we merge AJAX and MVC together,we find a good framework for web designing! I searched a lot for a good AJAX MVC framework,i found a few frameworks in PHP that uses both AJAX and MVC.for example i used Zephyr framework,that is a good and simple framework in this context but it has a few problems,for example it doesn’t support bookmarking and so on…

My purpose was designing a simple AJAX MVC framework,i thought that if we implement controller directly in client-side and use some helper functions such as prototype for AJAX loading we would get  good results! It’s not a new idea but it can be an approach for implementing MVC design pattern.You can see results of my work in action by visiting SBU Skin Research Center Website.

4 thoughts on “AJAX-MVC Design Pattern

  1. Nice writeup,
    you know …, I think the only pattern that could be integrated easily with MV(C?) is the Content-Chunking pattern which IMHO couldn’t be an awesome gain then (Using the most simple pattern just to be great from point of MV(C?)).

  2. Ive been working on CSS based sites for sometime but still get the odd error in firefox ! wish they just played ball the same when designing, would make life a whole lot easier for everyone involved… but then that would be to simple and obvious…lol

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