The Snows Of Tehran…

It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop“.->’Confucius

+ The winter is calling.This year in tehran,we are watching a beautifull outlook of snow and fog,although it causes a terrible traffic on city roads but we can see it as a trade off.Cheery days replace boring days !

snows of tehran

+  After completing Sbu Skin Research Center Project, i had two new proposals: one is a similar CMS for a new developed research center and another is a personal website for a famous Doctor.I don’t know whether accepting these new projects is reasonable regarding to my conditions! I have only 2 months to prepare for Master of  IT exam! I don’t want to leave profit of these works but i cann’t leave my future,too! It’s a trade off,too!

+ I forgot to wish you the best year! Merry Christmas 🙂 When a new year comes,i want to review my old going days and i want to review dreams of my new incoming days! One of my wishes in new year is learning to work with a new and non-windows operating system such as UNIX and specially Mac OSX. Did you hear Lots of people like BL Ochman are screaming bloody murder about Microsoft giving bloggers and other influentials free laptops loaded with Windows Vista!  I am also trying to dive into a well formed web developing framework that includes both cilent-side and server-side tools such as RUBY ON RAILS. Zend Framework is growing on and has a huge web services movement,I wish to be a Zend Certified Engineer and MySQL DB administrator in new year! The time is gone and the song is over…

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