Imagination is more important than knowledge.”—Albert Einstein

+ Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. The Remembrance of Muharram takes place during this month. The Shia Muslims celebrate in a different way in which they commemorate the Battle of Karbala and consider this a month of sadness and mourning.I have many memories from this month since my childhood.The climax of Muharram is on  tenth day of Muharram, known as Ashurah.This is the day Husayn ibn Ali, the grand son of the prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) was martyred along with his family members and friends in the Battle of Karbala.In Iran , thousands of people participate in the processions of Ashurah in the main roads of their cities.


+ Today i had some free times to play with my favorite PROTOTYPE  (the best library of Javascript on the world!).I have found a good documentation about prototype on this website.(Remember when we all complained at the lack of docs for Prototype?!)

+ Some valuable Javascript libraries:

+ iPhone: SAND In Your Hand! I am very interested in design of Apple products! User interface plays main role in apple products.”When Apple says they are five years ahead of every other phone on the market with this offering, they are being conservative. If many of the 200 patent applications filed in association with this phone are accepted, there is no opportunity to copycat. If a multi-touch interface turns out to be the panacea of the mobile device input problem, then what are other handset manufacturers to do while they are prevented from implementing it on their own?” I suggest you to read this post on Mike Davidson’s blog.

+ The Value of Thinking AboutWhy“:

  • -It defines success.

  • -It creates decision-making criteria.

  • -It aligns resources.

  • -It motivates.

  • -It clarifies focus.

  • -It expands options.

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