Welcome Back!

“Those who make the worst use of their time are the
first to complain of its shortness.
“—-Jean de

+ After some breaking days, i returned to my weblog.(my second home!) I have passed MS degree exam with grade 43 in IT branch and now I’m waiting for final results to know my destination university. acceptance was very important for me in this level…

+ I’m  going to work with my favorite framework: Ruby on Rails  ,and it’s stepchild in PHP : Symfony-Framework   . But I still believe that simple is beautifull!

+ Let’s start this over….

3 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. OH ! my dear ali , i am so glade that see u come back – when i decide to get away from this fucking land –
    first about Ruby On Rails i must said that in ZF1 we can see all concept that present in rails,
    no i work in some shell script that can port scripts directory from rails to ZF in php, some ability like generate scaffolding , …
    about symphony and other php framework i must say if you want to see a php framework like rails , cakephp is best choice.

  2. سلام.

    تا اونجا که من یادم میاد فارسی می نوشتید.

    الان چی شده.
    اگر وبلاگ فارسی دارید معرفی کنید.

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