Simple is beautiful…

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.” –Albert Einstein

+ These days I’m working on an automation project for an organization,It was a good oppotunity to experience symfony framework in a real world project. I think it’s a well-formed framework with many good features,It was just a problem for me on symfony: many configurations lead my life to an endless journey to eternity! At this week ,After many efforts, Zend Framework 1.0.0 production released! It’ was a good news  for php community,It’s said that Zend Framework  is now the best class library available for PHP 5 web application development.

+ Today I found a new good PHP editor . PHPEd comes with Unicode compatibility, this is one of the major featured I was looking in PHP editors for years. You can switch to your desired encoding anytime from tools menu->IDE Settings

+ Yesterday,it was a workshop about Ontology Construction in  Shahid Beheshti University.A group of NLP Lab has started it’s work on Farsi Wordnet: a top level ontology, based on general Wordnet for persian language. I hope these activities with a good support and administration fill the blank place of persian language on the world of knowledge descovery systems!

+ Asian Cup 2007 is starting.Unfortunately,The officaial website of this competitions is programmed by ASP and I think it’s too weak in comparison of other similar websites ,both in design and programming! But,an interesting point of this website is supporting for Farsi language after years of silence!

5 thoughts on “Simple is beautiful…

  1. Howdy,
    Zend framework is awesome, but has many leaks in rendering complex views, I think solar approach is more appropriate for this type of applications but integration needs deep level coding. I think symfony is well-structured MVC based framework but what about its overhead? Do you think it is suitable for large-sacle projects? I think It’s approach in handling database connection is not optimized, Could you please write your opinions about it?

    In the meanwhile, Thanks for you comment. 😉

  2. Hello Nima,thanks for your comment.
    I think that in symfony framework, advantages gained by accelerating the development process result in some overhead,it’s native! for large-scale projects and high-traffic websites often we should improve the hardware to compensate the overhead of this framework!
    the slowest part of symfony is Model Layer.Symfony uses Propel and creol for it’s data layer.There are some tips to optimize the Model(You can see many ways in Symfony wiki).I think symfony is just an integrating of some PHP libraries that we can customize them as wish as we want! in many cases Bypassing the ORM Layer is very usefull idea!

  3. hamoun ghanbari says:

    while ago I started searching about a farsi wordnet for my own use in text mining. result->nothing. It is a shame that no-one cared about it sofar. I hope this group creates, maintains, and make it publicly avbailable.

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