Whispers Around A Symfony…

+  After many discussions with some of my friends,I want to say that: OK! Your are in right, Symfony is slow in execution (Without any PHP accelerator), but fast in application development! This is a simple trade off. What are you really looking for?! Speed in development process or speed in runtime execution?(or maybe both of them,Lords!) I believe that these are two inseparable aspects.To dive into Agile Programming,you must spend a few amounts of your speed.It depends on you, If your vision is a large-scale web app, you need a symfony for harmonious arrangement of your app components.The time is gone,the song is over… 


~ From Old Days:

+ Say Goodbye to PHP4… [13-Jul-2007] The PHP development team announced that support for PHP 4 will continue until the end of this year only. After 2007-12-31 there will be no more releases of PHP 4.4.  some of the mostly used PHP applications are only compatible with PHP4, and web hosts cannot just drop PHP4 support , But as long as hosts support PHP4, software vendors will continue to develop with it, even though PHP4 code is often very hard to maintain, debug, and add up to. Now, PHP5 is the future of PHP.We never forget our memoirs with lovely PHP4 ,but we should follow this rule that when a new thing come to bazar, old thing will be disappointed! If you want to support PHP5 go to  gophp5.org and add the name of your host company or software project. 

+ [July 31, 2007 ] IRAN unveiled the world’s largest handwoven carpet, worth 5.8 million $US   and larger than a football pitch, to be laid out in a United Arab Emirates mosque. 65-thousand-square-foot carpet, the work of 1,200 skilled crafts people who spent 18 months working on it. Persian carpets face a rising challenge from Asian countries where labour is cheaper. Our share in the world market has dwindled to 40 percent standing at 480 million dollars in 2006.I hope that this carpet as a symbol of Persian culture , show that the Art still is in hand of Iranians!

3 thoughts on “Whispers Around A Symfony…

  1. You are right. Agile web development needs a ready to use framework and components that add a layer of complexity to application execution. Large-scale projects needs a fully customized framework and these MVC frameworks just feets in small to meduim scale projects. But the pros is satisfacation of lazy programmers 😉

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