Golden Fall Days…

“The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.” John N. Mitchell

+ When eveything seems boring  what do you do? what can you do to change your state?! I think in these situations, listening to a good music can be one alternative solution! Specially in Golden Fall Days, depression level  of human beings and usage of Lithium goes high !This is the romantic season of memoirs…


+ Today,i found Zoho products.(Zoho  is an Office Productivity Suite from AdventNet Inc. )At the first time,When I entered to this website,I felt that it’s a new google-oriented website! User Interface model of Zoho is very similar to google’s UI,simple,flat and fast. Despite of this similarity, I think an important thing in Zoho products is Integration of   individual office apps .Users can easily swap between diffrent products  and by combining the results,more ‘mashed up’ functionality become available.It’s great!

+ These days,I’m working on Semantic Web Services  and using it in Supply Change Management Processes.For example in procurement process, Instead of employees constantly searching for suppliers and buyers, the web service infrastructure does it automatically within the defined constraints.For this purpose,we need support in mechanizing service recognition, service configuration and combination , service comparison and automated negotiation.I have many works to do!

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