How far we are from morning…

Last week,in the classroom,one of my friends asked me: Are you satisfied from your life?! I said ‘why not’,without any reasoning!After that i dived into deep thoughts,What was my goal in life and at this moment in which level of progress i am! We are living in a busy,complex and unpredictable world, world of uncertainty.In such a complex environment,everybody act as a service and have an interface to interact with other people,They don’t have any knowlege about real internal intentions of each other,They are enforced to trust! We should adapt ourself with high speed flow of new world before we drown in darkness of Ignorance!I think in this new style of life,thinking about tomorrows is impossible,we forget yesterdays as soon as remember tomorrows! How far we are from morning?!This is a question that we should find answer of it every day we wake up and open our gifts(new opportunity to experience new life)


7 thoughts on “How far we are from morning…

  1. Hamidreza says:

    …oh godness,I hear some new claims!
    whould u please make your subject clear?
    I mean u should explain breafly about this aspect of life that u mean…
    I think u’v limited yourself only in technologic parts and in one word materailism,because your defenisions said that directly
    I thnk u yourself ignor the main part of the life that we call it FUTURE!
    I agree with u in some parts but it’s the denyble bleif that thinking about future life makes your hopes and wishes to continue living…

  2. Hello Hamidreza,Thanks for your smart comment! Future is bright,I never deny this reality but we are livining in age of technology ,speed, anti-trust!No time to think about various aspects of life!Time is gone,the song is over…

  3. hamidreza says:

    oh…hold your hourses Ali!!!!!
    u r in a never stop horry!
    I think this is not so profitable to go as fast as technology…This is what that someones want whom I dont like to compare u with them…
    as far as I know many reasons exist and was created to stop the deadly speed of humanbeings and suggest them to stop for a while and watch a past way and think deeply about it this helps them to conclud and choose the best desiesion!
    Some of those tools that u know them better than me r profits,reliegion,brain,ets
    be sure that each man have enough time to protect himself from dangers according to his capasity.

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