Spring is coming…

We must become the change we want to see in the world.“- Mahatma Gandhi

 + We are living in a world that is facing many risks and Risks are of vital part of our lives, Risks that we feel explicitly or implicitly. Global Risks are increasing and seriously affect our lives. If we are looking to a better future, it is inevitable to consider risks and their side effects. In our decisions, each element should be properly organized to make risk mitigation as much as possible. Today, I was browsing World Economic Forum website and looked at its global risk program. It was good information about different types of risks around us: Economic Risks, Environmental Risks, Technological Risks and Geopolitical Risks. Noticeable point was that Middle East and especially Iran plays an important role in many Geopolitical Risks. Stability of this region can affect world economics,but in recent years we see many conflicts in this region .These conflicts stem from hyper power governments that are seeking their benefits in this region.I hope to see face of peace in Middle East!

Global Risks

+Today i had this chance to go to Tochal with my good friends,Tochal is a beautiful mountain at north of Tehran. Weather was very cool and i enjoyed talking with my friends about everything from Tech to Life. I saw an old man with high degree of power and hope for life, stronger that many modern young boys! 

We are near Norooz(Celebration of new year in Iran),and Today was a good time for me to think about past year , activities and progress that i made.I hope to improve my knowledge in new year and make a good strategic plan for my life!Life is not only life!

+Today I received good news; it was acceptance of my paper in CIT2008! My paper was about a semantic web service oriented model for project management. As my first experience, it was hopeful and promising event.

Persepolis-AboumoslemMolaghate Banooye SalkhordeAli1kOldMan!Tochal

2 thoughts on “Spring is coming…

  1. Greetings!

    Nice job my friend!

    I am coming back to you with those damn ideas which you have shared it with me. I have just buzzed you to inform you that I am starting an English blog in which you are almost excited.

    Happy blogging ever!

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