A City on the Hill…

These days, we are in celebration of Nowruz, beginning of the Iranian year. During the Nowruz holidays people are expected to visit one another (mostly limited to families, friends and neighbors) in the form of short house visits, which are usually reciprocated. Most people in Iran believe that whatever a person does on Nowruz will affect the rest of the year. So, if a person is warm and kind to their relatives, friends and neighbors on Nowruz, then the New Year will be a good one.


Today, I had this opportunity to visit a historical place called Uzbak Hill. Before this, I had tried so much for visiting this place but I couldn’t get authorization to enter the place! It was wonderful but with very regret! Uzbak Hill is 3500 years old and was the center of power for first Aryan governments. It is located in a small village in Nazarabad city near Tehran (85KM west). The first brick (adobe) that was built by human being was found in this region. Mr. Khatami in his presidency donated a brick from this place to United Nation as a symbol for world cultural communications. When I saw the place I felt that it is a forgotten sign of our culture that is abandoned and damaged! It needs more attention! I took some photograph from Uzbak Hill:

Ozbak HillOzbak HIllOzbak HillOzbak HillOzbak HillMe at Ozbak HillOzbak Hill

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