Google, Please Stop Your Jet Engine…

I’m one of the Google‘s followers,I’m accustomed of Google Reader, it is wonderful,without wasting your time and in a relaxed environment(without annoying ads) with power of Ajax, you can read infinite articles,you can share and discover knowledge, you can enjoy your life.It makes life on the web easier…

– I can’t surf the web without gateway of Google home page,It is starting point of every web browser…

– I use Google Calendar to schedule my daily programs and check my free times with my friends to suggest a good time for making an appointment…
– I find my friends on Orkut and experience social web with it.
– I use Gmail to send emails faster, I forward my email accounts to Yahoo! because I can.There is no limitation,no obligation…

Google is an impotant part of my life,without its dynamic logo, life is too hard! I love Google because it hasn’t obligatory manner,It respects customers,It doesn’t behave like others,It likes innovation and allows greats ideas to born…
However these days I am worry about new strategies and new thoughts that i see at Google products,Google wants to work like a platform,It wants to capture the web. This approach seems good from viewpoint of easier life, but i smell a rat!

Today i saw AJAX Libraries API, a content distribution network and loading architecture for the most popular open source JavaScript libraries.It is in direction of Google’s new strategy (Google App Engine),I had seen this idea in YUI library to speed up invoking JS scripts, but Google wants to cover all the libraries!
Google shouldn’t get self conceited! It is true that Google is unique ,however it is a platform for allowing novel ideas to be happen not exclusive platform that prevents others from thinking and making ideas!Google should not be a new Microsoft! I hope that my imaginations aren’t real and Google will continue its lovely way in future…Google isn\'t new Microsoft!

2 thoughts on “Google, Please Stop Your Jet Engine…

  1. well, It was a surprise when I got to your post at the end of the day in that one of my friends and I discussed this topic hours ago, I am not going to leave every single idea on your page but it would be nice to point out that we can imagine days when people should pay money to live their lives on the Web!
    sooner or later, people will find the Web intolerable without google’s services, and these potential of making money will oblige us to pay hundred of dollars to Google.

    will we invest our money to make actions on the Web using these tools? Is there any other choice if Google stop its services? Why should Google spend millions of dollars providing lots of useful tools?

    I believe all competitors are providing there services and compete in an unstoppable game to get people involved in using their services till a PROMISING DAY comes, WHEN ALL HUMANS GET ACCUSTOMED TO ALL THESE ABILITIES OF COMMUNICATING ON THE WEB AND THEY HAVE NO WAY UNLESS ASKING YOU TO CONTINUE YOUR SERVICES, PAYING LOTS OF MONEY .

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