Memoirs of Sydney…

Travel to  Sydney was a unique experience for me. The first international conference that I was involved in,The longest journey that I have ever had, The first foreign country that I visited lonely and a lot of unique experiences like these sort of things! I had this chance to visit a beautiful multicultural country and view the world outside of my hometown.
It was really a novel experience (and tiresome!) for me to  fly about 16 hours above seas and oceans; Migrating from a hot summer to a cool winter! When I arrived to Sydney, I was confused !It was about 11 a.m locally but not for me!I felt that everything is turning around my head! Hardly I could adopt myslef with new situation after a deep sleep! I lost the introduction of the conference easily but never mind!Better late than never! After finding a convenient accommodation I was ready to get off to city! It was easy to find conference venue beacuse it was near the hotel and using my feet it took only 10 minutes to go there! According to my plan,I had 5 days for doing scientific works and 4 days for social and entertaining works! Conference was hold in University of Technology(UTS), the atmosphere of conference was very friendly,I found many good friends from different places of the world.Most of them were PhD students or associate professors or above!They helped me to adopt myself with new situation,learn about different cultures,and specially different foods! I tried to do my best at presentation and I think the result was very good 🙂 At the end of the conference, with the information I had received from one of my new friends I planned to go to university of new south wales(UNSW) to meet professor Benatallah, one of the greatest researchers in the area of service computing.It was incredible for me to have an appointment with him;By chance,I found an iranian student under supervision of him.Hamidreza and his wife were studyng at UNSW,it was my pleasure to meet them and have a good time with them and use their experiences.I hope to see them again in Iran!

+ I want to write more about my short stay at Sydney (Specially World Youth Day 2008!) but at this moment I have no time! Future maybe help me 😉

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4 thoughts on “Memoirs of Sydney…

  1. Reza says:

    thinkin about AUS?!

    check this out!

    –Australians gathered in a beach at Sydney and…

    this is from a guy who has lived there for 13 years! comparing to other countries, people are so stupid and racist! be careful man 😉 they dont like your middle eastern face!

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