Again, Autumn…

Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right Bob Dylan

+ These days, I have to cope with several jobs that will form my future! It includes taking TOEFL and GRE exam, completing an old research project, working on my MS Thesis,and making some important life-related decisions! I hope to breath a sigh of relief after 25 October!

+ Incremental Blogging Using Twitter: I think for those who are very busy and have no additional time for blogging, Twitter is a remedial solution! Just write a few sentences whenever you are free. After a month, start to glean them and create a post on your blog! As easy as drinking a glass of water!
This approach has many advantages in comparison with traditional blogging: You can get feedback about each part of your post from your friends, you can use Synergy principle, you can memorize diverse range of events and you can enjoy your time!

+ I have started working on my MS Thesis that will be about “Semantic Enterprise Mashups“. Acceptance of my paper in APSCC-08 was a good starting point. I aim to propose a mathematical model for semi-automatic creation of Enterprise Mashups using Semantic descriptions.

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