Tools available for semantic blogging…

With the proliferation of Semantic Web technologies  2012 seems to be a promising year for SemWeb. Particularly in the area of Semantic Blogging, there are already many tools released which show the applicability of the SemWeb to make the life easier for lay users as well as experts. Below is an overview of three popular tools available for semantic blogging in WordPress:

  • veeebeditor For WordPress:  a Flash-based semantic blogging tool which analyzes your blog post in real time and provides you with contextual information for the most important concepts found in the text.
    • +: a user friendly interface with support for faceted viewing, a powerful media manager.
    • : not yet compatible with WordPress 3.3.1 (last version), do not embed annotations in the text for publishing, not acts well on HTML content (good for raw text).
  • Zemanta:  a very popular semantic blogging widget which recommends related content to the users to be inserted in the blog posts.
    • +:  a powerful user interface which is well integrated into the WordPress, adds links to the recognized entities, also available as a  browser extension.
    •  : a limited support of RDFa for publishing linked data, grouping content for faceted viewing is not supported.
  • RDFaCE:  a WordPress plugin for automatic annotation of content based on the RDFa format which can be used as a complementary tool for the above tools.
    • +: can combine the results of multiple NLP APIs for automatic annotation, adds RDFa annotatations to be published on your blog
    •  : do not support faceted viewing of entities recognized, do not provide contextual information for the entities found.

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