One step forward…

“In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

+ We have completed the main components of our new application called SlideWik. Hopefully we will go to the public version in few days. SlideWiki is a platform for collaborative creation of online presentations. It employs many of the existing javascript libraries like deck.js, ALOHA editor, impress.js and etc. In SlideWiki users can share and reuse the existing presentations in a collaborative manner. For more information about SlideWiki you can refer to our paper accepted in EKAW2012 conference.

+ I spent a summer full of trips this year. It started by two weeks stay at Kalamaki village and Heraklion in Greece. I attended the ESWC summer school as well as the ESWC conference. Right after I came back to Leipzig, I was headed to Zingst in north of Germany for our annual group meeting. Some days later I got prepared for another trip to Izmir, Turkey. Another taste of the Mediterranean sea! I attended the COMPSAC conference which was a nice and memorable experience due to the best-paper award I received for the RDFaCE paper.

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