Pharmer: a semantic prescription writer

Pharmer is a tool which implements the general idea of WYSIWYM UI (introduced in RDFaCE) in a specific domain namely Pharmaceutical research and development. Using Pharmer, users can generate Semantic Prescriptions —  intelligent e-prescription documents enriched by drug-related meta-data thereby know about their content and the possible interactions.

Semantic Prescriptions provide the following main benefits for their  users:

  • Increase the awareness of patients. They provide patients with all the related information of the prescribed drugs thereby mitigating the possible misuse of drugs.
  • Provide persistent connection to up-to-date drug information coming from multiple dynamic data sources available on Linked Open Data.
  • In contrast to database-oriented e-prescriptions, semantic prescriptions can easily be exchanged among other e-health systems without need to changing their related infrastructure.

The Pharmer implementation is open-source and available for download together with an explanatory video and online demo.

More information: eTELEMED2013 paper, Pharmer Poster

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