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Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. —Jimi Hendrix

+ I am still working on SlideWiki platform. We have already started importing some popular and high quality Semantic Web lecture series into SlideWiki. We also have plan to create the corresponding translations in at least 10 other languages (For example Persian). The mobile version of SlideWiki is just started and is under progress. We hope that SlideWiki will enable Many people in the world to access to high quality educational material. If you also want to help us in creating great educational resources:

  • Look for decks at SlideWiki, whose domain you know
  • Review the content of decks and help improving them
  • Add self-assessment questions to the slides
  • Translate decks covering topics you know well into your mother tongue
  • Look for existing presentations and e-learning material, which could be imported into SlideWiki

+ How is SlideWiki different?

+ There are a lot of memories to talk about since my last update but as always time is short and we are all busy with some stuff! Shortly speaking, we (me and Bita) had a nice travel to Iran (some photos attached) during the Christmas holidays. it was really nice to visit our lovely families, nice friends and relatives.  Before traveling to Iran, we attended the Leipzig Research Festival for life sciences in there we presented the Pharmer as a poster. Fortunately we got the best-poster prize for that. It  was a collaborative work between a pharmacist and a computer engineer! We will present it as well in eTELEMED 2013 in France.

+ With regards to academic events, this year I will attend CSEDU 2013 in Aachen, eTELEMED 2013 in Nice, Beyond the PDF2 in Amsterdam, and will be serving as a program committee in LDOW2013 , NLP&DBpedia2013 and KESW2013.

+ After several years, I could finally get my favorite domain name ( back! I forgot to extend it last time so it was bought by a hosting company. But it seems it didn’t work for them 😀

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