Preview release of RDFaCE special edition for

During the last weeks I was working hard on the next release of RDFaCE . RDFaCE implements the WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) concept in order to facilitate the process of semantic content authoring.RDFaCE

The new version of RDFaCE is focused on . You can create RDFa or Microdata annotations based on the schemas defined by It will help to improve the SEO of your Website.

The main features of this new version include*:


*Of course it is only a preview release and might have some bugs.Please report the possible bugs using our issue tracker. As our next step, we will integrate the functionality of previous versions of RDFaCE with support for

2 thoughts on “Preview release of RDFaCE special edition for

  1. This is a really awesome looking plugin. Exactly what I was looking for. My only concern is its future supportability. I wouldn’t want to use a plugin to mark up my website only to discover later that the plugin is no longer supported in the latest WordPress release, or that no one is maintaining it any longer. Is there a plan for continued maintenance of this plugin? I’m really excited to give this plugin a shot – looks very powerful. Thanks!

    • Hi Alexander, Thanks for your interest in our tool. We are indeed planning to further extend RDFaCE but it might take some time until we release the new version of RDFaCE which is compatible with new TinyMCE and new WP as well….

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