Nowrooz 94 — new year, new thoughts…

“What you seek is seeking you.” — Rumi

+ I can literally feel the fragrance of spring. Less than one week is left to Nowrooz — Iranian/Persian New Year. Nowhere can replace your home country especially when it comes to Nowrooz. This year I really miss the celebration of Nowrooz in Iran! Last year, we had a memorial Nowrooz. Hamed’s wedding was close to Nowrooz and we also had a German guest who was with us to experience and enjoy all Persian traditions for the first time. It was one of the rare occasions after my (im)migration where the whole family gathered together. Anyways, this year we will celebrate Nowrooz in beautiful Amsterdam with nice flowers and spectacular blossom of spring.

+ Last Friday I attended prof. George Lakoff‘s talk on Big Data and the necessity to have linguists there. It was an amazing talk full of motivations and insights. Computers and AI can never replace humans! That was my conclusion there! One quote that he was emphasizing there was that education is required to know about our possibilities in life. Without education, we might look like a blind person that at some point of his life might suddenly notice what valuable things he has missed during his life and what a great potential he has wasted by just being uneducated!

+ Bita is literally becoming a professional cook! Besides the nice very healthy foods she is inventing everyday 😀 now she can bake Bibi’s chocolate cake which even tastes better than the original one! I am really proud of her…

+ The idea of Isomorphic Web application development is not a dream anymore with the tools like ReactJS and Flux architecture. You can now write code once and execute it both on client and server side using the frameworks like Fluxible. That is really fun! Isn’t it?! I am looking forward to try this new paradigm in my next Web project…

+ It’s really hard to predict your future! Even though you plan for it, it always might cast to something else (i.e. your destiny). Eventually I chose to start my new career as a postdoc researcher at KRR research group, VU University of Amsterdam. The adventure to get involved in a multidisciplinary project to further deepen my SW knowledge was the main reason for that selection. I am back to the source…


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