Nowruz 1395

“Rose petals let us scatter…and fill the cup with red wine…the firmaments let us shatter… and come with a new design…” — Hafez

+ This is again your time, spring, to bring hope to the people drown in the complexity of everyday life. It’s time now to clean things up, to wash our eyes in the morning’s sunshine and to sing the song of love in the fragrance of blossoms…


+ It is again Nowruz (i.e. Iranian New Year). I wish I could be in Iran this year for Nowruz, however, couldn’t make it! Nowruz always reminds me of enjoyable memoirs. This year, Bita is there in place of me and Amin is with me in Amsterdam. We went together to Bonn to Visit Hamed and Zahra in there.

Bita Iran 1395DOMHamed Amin Ali

+ Thanks to the new technology, we can now review our memoirs happened in the last five years, in just a minute! Looking at the old photos, I miss lots of kind people who are not alive with us anymore 😦 I can really feel the changes by comparing wrinkles of growing deserts with the elegance of emerging gardens. Every arrival has a departure at the end…

+ 2016 seems to be a very busy year for me working on both SlideWiki H2020 and RISIS FP7 EU projects. Two infrastructural projects which address different applications of Semantic Web technologies in E-Learning and Social Science domains. SlideWiki 2.0 sounds like a very novel experience for me learning lots of new things on agile project management, Microservices, NoSQL, React, Flux, continuous integration and delivery… RISIS on the other hand gives me more impression on how difficult it is to transition from a rigid legacy system to a new flexible system! RISIS datasets portal has started to give more faces to the project which means more users and thinking more about user experience… lots of new experiences ahead…


+ Our paper entitled “Adaptive Linked Data-driven Web Components: Building Flexible and Reusable Semantic Web Interfaces” introducing the LD-R framework got accepted in ESWC 2016 in-use track and therefore, I will be experiencing a nice summer in Heraklion, Greece again!


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