SlideWiki: create, store and re-use your presentations in a Wiki-like style

SlideWiki is a platform for collaborative authoring of presentations. We created SlideWiki as a showcase for our proposed CrowdLearn concept. The CrowdLearn concept aims to exploit the wisdom, creativity and productivity of the crowd for the creation of rich, deep-semantically structured e-learning content. SlideWiki empowers extremely large communities of instructors, teachers, lecturers, academics to create, share and re-use sophisticated educational content in a truly collaborative way. The main features of SlideWiki are:

  • Based on HTML technologies. It employs many tools and libraries like deck.js, SCSS, Aloha-editor, impress.js, svg-edit, MathJax, etc. to provide an online platform for semi-structured content authoring.
  • Support of versioning. It follows the Wiki paradigm to enable collaborative content authoring.
  • Flexible theme/transition management. Users can easily create their desirable themes and transitions and share it with other users.
  • Support of questionnaires for slides. Users can create questions for each slide and based on the collective questions can take an evaluation test.
  • Support of social networking. Users can follow slides/decks/users, can discuss the content of slides/decks and share their presentations on popular social networks.
  • Support of translation. Users can translate their presentations into other languages and correct the translations afterwards.
  • WYSIWYG slide authoring/ LaTeX/SVG. SlideWiki uses Aloha floating WYSIWYG editor to facilitate slide authoring. Users can also use HTML source code (and soon Markdown syntax) to edit the presentation. To design add shapes to slides, users can employ svg-edit. To add LaTeX formulas users can use MathJax editor.
  • Import/Export to other formats. Users can now import pptx presentations (not fully supported) and deck.js html files into SlideWiki. export to deck.js and pdf is also supported.


More information: SlideWiki EKAW paper, SlideWiki CSEDU paper, SlideWiki Documentation

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