Semantic Web Services:Killer App of SW?!

Alex Iskold has written an article about the Killer App of Semantic Web.He has analyzed several existing and potential applications of semantic technologies and looked for the killer app.With proliferation of semantic technologies,people are excited to sense real power of this new technology,but still there is no such a powerfull and usefull killer app to provide this sense for users.I think Semantic Web Services(SWS) can be a killer app and initiator for propagation of semantic web technologies. 

There are several researches in the area of SWS for “Making semantic web real“:



It seems that between current technologies that support semantic web services, WSMO has a bright future and good features.WSMO has many good editors such as WSMO Studio  and Web Service Modeling Toolkit (WSMT) to annotate web services and working with Ontologies,Mediators and other concepts of WSMO.Futhermore, There exist two WSMO-compliant implementations which follow the conceptual model of WSMO: The Web Service Execution Environment (WSMX) and The Internet Reasoning Service IRS-III.

I don’t know when we can use capabilities of semantic web services in real world but it isn’t so far and it can be killer app for SW.